Why we love the LumiHYDRO

Our amazing LumiHYDRO device has endless combinations to treat different skin types which will leave you and your clients in awe! This device is the only Medically Registered Hydro facial device on the UK market meaning you can be sure that you will achieve the results you desire!

The LumiHYDRO is a fan-favourite here at LumiSKN! In one profitable and portable device, you can offer your clients treatments which provide hydration, anti-aging, brightening, skin tightening and lifting whilst also improving skin congestion and lymphatic drainage. 

Your clients will love the way you can change the treatment to cater for their skins needs. With LED therapies and ultrasonic peels, the LumiHYDRO can achieve your skin goals, with results which can be seen immediately after the treatment! 

With full access to the 8 different protocols, you can be sure that the LumiHYDRO will be a firm favourite to you and your clients! 

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