The easy way to finance your next aesthetic device you need to grow your business

Simple Purchase options

Finance your next aesthetic device with Our range of fuss-free payment options that have been designed to help you invest in your new beauty device easily – and with no hidden costs.

Whatever stage your business is at, we can help you acquire the equipment you need to start, evolve, or expand the range of treatment protocols you offer.

We offer a range of in house payment options, rental plans and We partner with a reputable finance company to offer flexible finance plans, to support your investment every step of the way.

How will finance benefit me?

Investing in a new device for your salon or clinic is a big decision – financing can help you access the equipment you need to take your business to the next step, with no initial outlay. Here are the key benefits of a LumiSKN finance plan:

  • Maintain budgets and free up capital
  • It is a tax efficient way to acquire equipment
  • Fixed payments, so there are no hidden surprises
  • Increase your salon’s profitability effectively
  • Preserve existing credit lines and cashflow

Lease the best beauty devices

Equipment leasing is a traditional business finance option designed to offer fixed-term finance and repayments with maximum tax relief.

With banks still restrictive on lending for equipment, our funders can offer competitive equipment leasing without requiring a huge cash investment upfront.

Equipment finance can help increase your profitability by conserving your working capital, allowing you to put it to use in other more profitable ways.


  • Only a £500 Deposit Required
  • Full Finance application and business credit check
  • Interest rates applicable and decided on full business credit history
  • Full access to the whole markets
finance your next aesthetic device


Forward-thinking salon and clinic owners understand the importance of providing the latest treatments and technologies to their clients, to help them achieve happy, healthy skin. Device rental is a tax-efficient way to obtain the latest in beauty technologies without an expensive outlay.

Often the purchase of new devices can impact a clinic or salon’s cash flow, but rental will reduce the initial outlay – and by utilising your new device fully, it will pay for itself in a short period.

Plus – did you know that machine rental is a 100% tax-deductible operating cost? Win-win!

In House Finance

With no credit checks or interest fees, our in house finance is great alternative for people looking for a business loan to fund your new LumiSKN business – or evolve an established one.

With our in house finance you can completely spread the cost of your device payments over two or three years, owning your device once you have reached the end of your agreement.


  • £2500+ Deposit Required depending on machine
  • No Business or personal credit checks
  • No interest fees across the whole term
  • Quick and easy online application form