New devices launched this year…

Introducing the LumiSKN PRO… state of the art skin analysis device, with 9 comprehensive modes to enable you to accurately diagnose skin conditions for your clients. What we love about this device is that you can upsell your skincare products once the device has studied the skin irregularities in greater detail, allowing you to discuss the best course of treatment to get the skin restored & balanced. 

Interactive approach to skincare

This interactive approach, combined with clearly defined visual evidence, is a great way to build customer trust and rapport during skin consultation to enable skin professionals to confidently guide the client through to skincare and treatment solutions with ease.

Now onto our LumiVASALE

What a dream this has been to talk about! Our clients are loving this device! Introducing our thread vein removal device to our LumiSKN range has opened up our clients treatment menu massively and they are loving treating clients with it.

Not only is it light weight device than can be easily transported, it also gives your clients INSTANT RESULTS! This is why everyone is raving about this device so much… it’s incredible, you have to see it for your own eyes. 

We have a new device coming very soon, keep your eyes peeled on our blog and socials for regular updates!

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